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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
And speaking of SALOME...

...a critic makes these remarks apropos of a new production in Baltimore:

For all the railing against the opera's lurid title character and her cranial craving, there weren't a lot of complaints about the potentially offensive portrayal of Jews in the opera. As the Jews argue various religious points and dispute the Baptist's prophet status, [composer Richard] Strauss piles most of their lines on top of each other to create a cacophony that tries Herod's patience. (In Wilde's play [on which the opera is directly based], they at least get to speak one at a time, and with some eloquence.)

Didn't I say exactly that, here?

From what I hear, the Met's new production, which premiered last night, costumes the Five Jews as Hasidim. Hardly the way to salve open wounds, I'd have thought. Whatever.