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Who was Cacciaguida? See Dante's PARADISO, Cantos XV, XVI, & XVII.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Death to "Saruman"!

The killing of Sheikh Ahmed "Saruman" Yassin is a great step forward for civilization. The man was a mastermind of mass murder. As with any radical Islamist, Jews were his first target, and Christians were next.

His worldwide following was massive, as documented by Jihad Watch, which deploys the phrase "tiny minority" with soft irony. His death has already diminished Arafat's standing among his erstwhile allies (see DEBKAfile).

Meanwhile, the Holy See (not any named prince of the Church, just "the Holy See" as such) has condemned the killing. For me personally, such a display of quasi-dhimmitude by Christ's own Church is more embarrassing than a truckloack of fudgepucking priests. Let's pray that the next Holy Father will be from some place -- like, say, Nigeria -- where people have a clue about Islam.

A day or so ago I shared with you this line from Cacciaguida's life story, as narrated by him to Dante in Paradiso XV. That was in Mandelbaum's translation; here it is again, in relevant part, this time in Musa's translation, just for variety. Speaking of his Crusade alongside Emperor Conrad, Cacciaguida says:

"Along with him I fought against the evil
of that false faith whose followers usurp --
only because your Shepherds sin -- your rights."

Par. XV 142-144

I conclude by asking for prayers for the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, and for the armed forces of the United States and her allies.