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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Do teenagers blog too much? Some public schools evidently think so, and they're doing something about it -- in their typically ham-handed, incompetent way. A youthful friend writes on her blog (private, so no link -- sorry!):

Sitting here in the library doing absolutely nothing. I wanted to blog because I have some time, but the school filters won't let me into blogger, so I just decided to type it up, save it in my email and post it when I get home.

Well, Mr. School, that sure worked, didn'it? I remember Eve saying once that the Internet treats censorship as damage and steers around it. Apparently so. Note the perfect insouciance: not "I got around the filters" or "I shafted the system" -- just "so I just decided to type it up...." Mr. School, not only did you fail to stop the blogueuse -- you failed even to impress her!