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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Subtitle this!

This story from contains a fair amount of piffle, but it also purports to offer something no one else has brought to the table in a long time: facts (or alleged facts) about the nature and extent of Mel Gibson's schism.

The article says in relevant part:

Mel Gibson is widely known in Traditionalist circles and has never made a secret of his religious beliefs: "I go to an all-pre-Vatican II Latin Mass," he told the USA Today newspaper two years ago. "There was a lot of talk, particularly in the Sixties, of 'wow, we’ve got to change with the times.' But the Creator instituted something very specific, and we can’t just go change it."

Gibson does not belong to any of the larger Traditionalist groupings, but to an independent congregation, with some 70 members, called the Holy Family. Originally, most of the congregation attended Mass at another chapel which was then taken over by the Society of St Pius X. Gibson and others left in protest though the reasons for the split are obscure. Gibson then came up with $2.8 million to build and maintain a new Mission-style church complex in a little valley in the mountains north-west of Los Angeles, near Malibu Beach. According to public financial records, Gibson is its chief executive officer and its sole benefactor.

Emphasis added. They're right? They're wrong? Anyone know? Is "the Holy Family" authorized in any way by the Holy See, as some trad chapels are or claim to be? If not, is it then in the same position as the SSPX pre-1988, that is, disobedient but not schismatic? Of course, friends don't let friends go to "disobedient" chapels either, but if this bunch is not formally schismatic, that should be taken into account.