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Friday, April 30, 2004
A former research assistant of mine, now in Pennsylvania, writes in to say:

Since you were following the PA primaries, I thought you would want to know that a few days before the election, Specter ran ads that claimed if he didn't win, Bush wouldn't either, " a vote for Specter is a vote for Bush" the ad said something like if Bush doesn't win a crucial state like PA, he won't win so vote for Specter if you want Bush to win. post-election talk says this tactic worked to get republican voters worried enough to vote Specter. just thought you might be curious.

Conservatives are also ticked at Santorum. His support may have made the difference, given that the outcome was so close. I mentioned earlier that as a matter of senatorial courtesy, same-state same-party always support each other. But there's an overlap between Toomey's donors and Santorum's donors. Santorum may have jeopardized both his reelection chances (in '06 -- which will be a bad year for Republicans anyway if Bush wins) and his hard-won reputation as the senatorial paladin of the social right.