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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Now that Lent is over, I've changed my Passion links:

* I've eliminated the pictorial button. That was a link to a fansite that was actually kind of lame. I've substituted for it a non-pictorial link to the movie's main site.

* The Paul Richard quote and links to my own Passion posts are still there, but...

* I've moved the whole megillah to a lower point in my left margin, below the archives.

* I've also added links to two posts of mine dealing with Gibson's schismatic status (posts of 3/20 and 2/10). While I haven't let this issue prevent my enjoyment of the movie, neither is it one that I can let go of -- until Mel does so, by letting it be known that he has (re-)joined the Church, by means at least as public as those by which he has let it be known that he's a "Tridentine" free-lancer.

Eventually all Passion links will go, because no movie can stay front and center in our thoughts indefinitely. Before that, though, I'll probably have a few more things to say. Meantime, here's Rosalinda Celentano, competing with Norman Treigle, Sam Ramey, and others who have put the Devil on the stage for us to fear, but ultimately, to mock:

I want YOU to found your own church!