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Monday, April 19, 2004
The Passion among those who've already chosen their passions

I don't know if it's strictly fair to call this the gay/culture-war take on TPOTC, but it can't be very unfair.

It's interesting to see what this writer thinks is preferable to Christ's suffering as a path to salvation (however understood). I counted two references each to alcohol, psychotropic medications, psychotherapy, and eastern religion, plus one to sex, all in the context of antidotes to what the viewer sees on the screen -- or in the Gospels. This article is plainly a cry of pain out of the depths of that urban lifestyle -- mainly gay, though not exclusively -- in which pills cover the intervals between sex, pain is nothing but an occasion of medication, The Da Vinci Code is a historical treatise, and Jesus is a mellow dude who gives seminars.

The passing put-down of Bush-voting states as "fly-overs" is scarcely more than a reflex.

Sad, really.