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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Robert Baer, ex-CIA, writes here in the WSJ on what's missing from the famous Presidential Daily Briefing: any real "intelligence", and any mention of Saudi Arabia:

In the entire document--this crown jewel of intelligence--there isn't a single mention of Saudi Arabia, the real Ground Zero of 9/11. Apparently, we had no idea suicide bombers were being recruited there or that cash was being raised for an attack on America....

There still hasn't been an indictment to come out of the Kingdom related to 9/11. Either Riyadh doesn't know who recruited the 15 hijackers and paid for 9/11, or it doesn't want to tell us. (You'll notice the 9/11 Commission tiptoed around the subject of Saudi Arabia. That's like investigating Lincoln's assassination without dipping into the Civil War.)