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Friday, April 16, 2004

You read me my rights and then you said
You're gone and nothing more....

Well, well -- looks like the Pittsburgh now has its own native roll-your-own "Catholic" church, to be called Christ Hope Ecumenical Catholic Church. This one's from the "left", not the "right", not that it matters. Read all about it here at The Curt Jester.

Seems Father William C. Hausen frequently announced his strident dissent from Catholic teachings from the pulpit; when he was placed on leave and told no longer to hold himself forth as a Catholic priest, he was sure that his alcoholism was only a cover for the real reason behind the disciplinary action. I sure hope he's right about that: a sozzled priest I can take; a heretical one -- ix-nay!

So his next move, natch, is to start his own church ("putting his pension at risk," the media want to make sure we know).

I call attention to the Diocese of Pittsburgh's warning to the faithful. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review: The move prompted the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh to warn the outspoken priest and his potential Catholic parishioners that leaving the church means excommunication.

As I told that promising kid Dante when he came through here a few centuries ago: "Let those men who itch scratch where it burns." (Paradiso XVII 129, tr. Musa)