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Monday, April 12, 2004
You read me my rights and then you said
Blogwatch and nothing more...

The Old Oligarch reports on joining with his bishop and others to pray outside an abortion clinic, and nails the reason for that post-TPOTC silence that so many have experienced: They don't want to talk about the movie yet. They're still with the Lord.

(About being in seminary in Lincoln, NE: I believe the diocese now has its own seminary, which graces its territory alongside the FSSP seminary.)

Fr. Shane and Kari also get the "Easter Vigil high" (my term, not theirs).

Fr. Jim explains why it's lame that we call Pasch "Easter".

Summa Contra Mundum brings us "Christ is risen indeed" in lots and lots of languages.

Mark Shea comments on Lexington KY Bishop Ronald Gainer clearing out some diocesan deadwood.

The Cranky Professor explains why blogs are better than Blackboard.

Amid her Easter meditations, Eve finds the Eucharistic significance in a Blondie song. It was there all along; must have been the way Debbie sings it that made me miss it. (In the same post: why Baron Scarpia is a case of a mind's misdirected longing for God; see "hunger".)