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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Zenit interview with Ray Flynn, pro-life and anti-SSM Democrat, former mayor of Boston, former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See.

He says, inter alia:

Catholics don't like to be called bigots, even if it is not true. It's easier to say nothing and not get involved.... I have had several Catholic elected officials tell me personally that if they vote against legalizing same-sex marriages and civil unions, the well-organized gay rights movement -- with the support of the liberal media -- will help defeat them in the next election. Those elected officials are not accustomed to this type of intense lobbying.

Catholics must begin to realize that our Church has some powerful enemies. "Help wanted" signs in downtown office buildings reading "No Catholics Need Apply" are no longer displayed, and convents and churches are not burned down as they once were. But a more subtle form of anti-Catholic bigotry is unfortunately still with us in the United States today just as anti-immigrant sentiment is still with us....

When I was mayor of Boston, a reporter called me the Lech Walesa of Boston politics. I was also called a John Paul II Democrat. It's too bad they had to go all the way to Poland and the Vatican to define how many millions of American Catholics like me feel today.