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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
American Beheaded on Web Video
Militants Say Killing Was Revenge for U.S. Abuses at Iraqi Prison

Because of all the people we beheaded over the Internet at Abu Ghraib, right?

As Chesterton said about the Romans and the Carthaginians, in Part I ch. 7 of The Everlasting Man:

Europe evolved into its own its own vices and its own impotence, as will be suggested on another page; but the worst into which it evolved was not like what it has escaped. Can any man in his senses compare the great wooden doll, whom the children expected to eat a little bit of the dinner, with the great idol who would have been expected to eat the children? That is the measure of how far the world went astray, compared with how far it might have gone astray. If the Romans were ruthless, it was in a true sense to an enemy, and certainly not merely a rival. They remembered not trade routes and regulations, but the faces of sneering men; and hated the hateful soul of Carthage.

Beyond that, I join in full the opinion of the Paladin, Berg beheaded.

EDITED TO ADD: As of 12:01 AM on Wed. 5/12, is still leading with "Senators to View Additional Abuse Photos," and no, they don't mean the killing Nick Berg. That's a sidebar item. Props to and for putting Berg front and center.