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Sunday, May 02, 2004
Caddy me beck to ewld Vahginny

You wouldn't guess it from her blog, but Elinor is a huge fan of Brit-coms, especially To the Manor Born (my favorite), Are You Being Served, AbFab, and Keeping Up Appearances. Of course I like them too, and/but (do I want the adversative here? I wonder) they constitute a weapon near to hand if I'm ever accused of malforming Cacciadelia's tastes. (She is nine year old, you'll remember.)

The other day the whole rest of the family (i.e. all but me) watched an episode of KUA in which a relative of Hyacinth's is on the rebound from one of her tragic love affairs. Later I found Cacciadelia, who has always had an ear for punchlines and dialect (like her Brideshead namesake, who "had an aptitude for mimicry, I remembered, in the schoolroom") repeating, complete with lower-middle-class faux-Oxbridge accent, "I'm gewing beck to being a vahgin!"