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Monday, May 10, 2004
Categorizing Blondie

From a recent interview with drummer Clem Burke:

Q. You came out of the legendary CBGB's punk scene, but you're not a punk band --

A. No one at CBGB's was thought of as punk until people outside called them punk. It’s kind of chaotic, what we are. Depending on who you ask we're a punk band, a pop band, a band fronted by a woman singer, whatever. We kind of thrive on that. Debbie is a fantastic lyricist, she doesn't get as much credit for that as she should.

Incidentally, there's a mistake in this CNN story that I blogged a few days ago: "Good Boys" isn't the rap number on their new album; "Shakedown" is, and it's not my favorite -- i.e., neither my favorite cut on the album, nor my favorite Blondie rap. On the album, I prefer "Rules for Living" (sample lyric: "It's a small world after all, but it's older than you think").

As for the other Blondie raps -- I can understand that after the success of "Rapture", they feel there has to be a rap number on each new album. But "Shakedown" is kind of a dreary, angry number about New Jersey street life; in contrast, "Rapture" -- the saga of the Man from Mars and his voracious appetite for improbable edibles that rhyme with Mars -- was funny, and their second rap number, "No Exit", had at least one good line: "Now what they're saying 'round the neighborhood/Is that what he's drinkin' ain't aged in wood."

Apparently their current tour includes a number of the classics: not only "Rapture" but also "Dreaming" (yay!), "Heart of Glass" (yay), "The Tide is High" (er, yay, I guess) and "Call Me" (eh...). I'm really hoping for "X-Offender", "Picture This", "Sunday Girl", and "Maria", and I know that if Debbie asks the audience what our favorite color is, the answer is "blue", and this is the cue for "Look Good in Blue".