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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Infant euthanasia in Holland
[T]he prime minister of the Netherlands thinks that killing babies because they are born with terminal or seriously disabling conditions is not a scandal, but daring to point out accurately that German doctors did the same during World War II, is.
And more, by Wesley Smith, writing on The Weekly Standard's daily online edition, about what happened to handicapped infants in Germany in the late '30s, and what is happening to them right now in the Netherlands, and the distressing lack of difference between the two.

N.B. -- Though this is not the main point, coverage of this issue presents a snapshot -- and not an atypical one, in my observation -- of who cares about what within what we are still pleased to call "conservatism."

A quick review of the websites of the conservative press suggests that The Weekly Standard is the only one that is paying attention to this issue. NR and Human Events are worried primarily about immigration (hats off to HE, however, for timely obits for Cap Weinberger and Lyn Nofziger); The American Conservative is concerned mainly with attacking Bush, Cheney, and the war, and also offers a tantalizing but unclickable reference to what for everyone else was four-weeks-ago's news -- "Free Speech Hits Its Limit in Austria." Mr. Irving will be glad to know they still care. Chronicles, even more creepily, is exercised about "the black crime wave against whites."

The American Spectator, for its part, has some good stuff, including this article about Baylor's scandalous decision to refuse tenure to pro-life scholar Francis Beckwith.

But active eugenic euthanasia being huffily defended within the councils of Europe? Only the Standard seems to care.