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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Anniversary of Pope Benedict's election! Greg reminisces here.

I was in New York with Bella. She said she thought she saw white smoke. I jumped up from the lunch table and over to the TV. At first the smoke looked sooty -- remember? -- but soon I remarked, "It's whiter than the driven snow."

Then it took forever. The future of the Church was in the balance, and my Jewish parents were looking on. I know we like life to be exciting, but come on.

Then Cardinal Medina Estevez stepped out. As those who were reading this blog at the time know, I hadn't thought Ratzinger was a serious candidate. I thought he had been Merry del Val to John Paul's Pius X, and Merry del Val failed to become a serious candidate later on. I thought the journalists who had been floating his name as a favorite over the previous few days were maliciously setting him up for a fall -- him and everything he stands for.

But as soon as Cardinal Medina articulated "Iosephum," you knew. Man, you knew -- you didn't even have to wait for the intonation of "Rrrrrratzinger." And soon thereafter I blogged up Elektra's greeting to the long-lost, long-dreamed-of, long-despaired-of Orestes in Strauss's ELEKTRA -- the "recognition scene" -- because nothing else in my mental world expressed so well how I felt.

And in case you're wondering, my folks were pleased too, because my dad had read this wonderful book by Ratzinger and liked it very much.