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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Slanderous "praise" of Fr. Jim

G. Jeffrey MacDonald, a Religious News Service reporter, writes in a piece that appeared in The Washington Post (and probably elsewhere) that Fr. Jim Tucker, of the Arlington Diocese and St. Blog's, is one of those "dissenters" who are using blogs to challenge "traditional authorities."

"What. An. Idiot." MacDonald, that is, not Fr. Jim. Fr. Jim is a sound and orthodox priest who, if he must be assimilated to any certified trend, exemplifies the conservatism of the rising generation of priests, not dissent. Oh sure, he's two sandwiches short of a picnic on the question of the global Islamic threat, but hey, freedom in opinionable matters, right?

There's damning with faint praise, and there's praising with faint damns; then there's damning with erroneous praise, as if, for example, it were the '50s and a Communist hack were trying to discredit a conservative politician by praising him in an article in The New Masses. Don't believe it. "Fadda Jim is to da good," as they might say in a Wodehouse New York gangster tale.

Hat-tip: American Papist