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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Feast of the Ascension. Moving it to Sunday, as have some but not all dioceses in the U.S., is so lame. It's the Church ratifying its own, and Christ's, marginal status in people's lives. It's still a nice homiletic trope to say we should be Christians all seven days, but the hierarchy shows by its actions that it doesn't really believe this, or doesn't think we do and despairs of teaching us. Another nice grouse on this topic here.

Chez nous, the Feast was celebrated today, not only at the indult chapel, but also at our plain-vanilla Novus-Ordo parish, even though ours is one of the dioceses that's lame on this issue.

On the feast itself: Scott Hahn says on some tape or other that Ascension is a seriously underestimated feast. Among the ancient Jews, the rising of the smoke of Temple sacrifices, though in itself a natural phenomenon, was taken to symbolize Gods's acceptance of those sacrifices. (Again with the symbols! You'll read more about it with the Schama stuff, plus, I think I'm discovering that some of my favorite operas have links to the Symbolist movement).

Anyway, with the Ascension, God signifies His acceptance of the sacrifice that was accomplished 42 days earlier. (Easter plus two, you know?) Except that, since the Ascension is a supernatural phenomenon, it not only symbolizes that acceptance -- it is that acceptance!