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Thursday, June 01, 2006
CONVERSATION CHEZ CACCIAGUIDA: right after watching Lost, Episode 5 ("White Rabbit")

ELINOR: I'm tired of the Koreans -- both of them, for different reasons.

CACCIAGUIDA: I'm tired of the rednecks.

ELINOR: The rednecks?

CACCIAGUIDA: "Sawyer" and Boone.

ELINOR: Boone's not a redneck. He's a Malibu brat.

CACCIAGUIDA: Oh, so he's a California redneck.

ELINOR: No, no. There's a difference. Rednecks actually know some useful things.

JONATHAN LEE: Very useful to have around the house.

CACCIAGUIDA: A solid household appliance, you mean?

ELINOR: Absolutely. ___ doesn't know what she'd do without her rednecks. She just whistles, and a guy with torn jeans, missing teeth, long hair, and a Cat Diesel cap shows up, and she says there are racoons in the attic, and he says, "Right, ma'am, we'll take care o'that...."

CACCIAGUIDA: Whereas a surfer-dude just sleeps on your couch. Like Kato Kaelin.

ELINOR: That's right.