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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Rated PG for religious elements. More here. The MPAA is explaining that it gives the PG rating when there are themes in a movie that parents might want to discuss with their children.

Not Blowing Things Out of Proportion Dep't: All the Harry Potter movies have also been PG, except for GOF, which was PG-13.

"But Hey Wait One Cottonpickin' Minute" Dep't ("What'n I Say What?" Division): This treatment of Facing the Giants sets a precedent for putting Christianity in the same cultural box as sex and violence -- i.e., the more there is of it, the more we have to keep it away from our kids (who are, after all, our hope for the future). What's next, people are asking. I don't know: Ben Hur with an R? Churches restricted to tightly policed "red bell districts"?