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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Black and right and (some people) worried all over

One of the Social Left's soft underbellies is the social conservatism of a great many African-Americans. Seems Al Sharpton has noticed this too, and he's very concerned about it. In a column at he writes:
We are a country now locked into an unrighteous conflict overseas, a country where racial equality is still far from realized, and a country that continues to allow poverty to run rampant from coast to coast.

Yet, some high-profile black ministers continue to employ an agenda focused solely on sexually-based themes, like denying a women's right to choose an abortion or a gay couple's right to marry, to rally their congregations and drive a wedge through our people.
And it's not only storefront churches, as Rev. Al lets slip in this feat of logic:
This is particularly egregious considering that many of those who preach their limited view of Christianity do so inside so-called "megachurches" throughout the South, and without Dr. King's tireless work and leadership, blacks would never have been allowed to own the property under which these megachurches stand.