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Saturday, July 22, 2006
Scanning the WSJ's page one news items this morning:
Lebanese residents below the Litani River reported getting telemarketer-type automated phone calls from Israel telling them to flee north.
And so thousands of Lebanese are trudging northward with their new encyclopedias.

Actually what Israel should do is what Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, did to hold down turnout at opposition rallies just before their last "election" -- get everyone's cellphone number and text-message them a warning. In this case it might be: "Evacu8 to N of Litani. Thx - DaJooz."

Then this, from Detroit, where memories of the American automotive industry live on and the wails of the muezeen summon the faithful to the few remaining gas-guzzler factories:
At one mosque, 200 people applauded a speaker who called Israelis "barbaric" and "not human" and accused Israel of having secret chemical weapons that destroy internal soft tissues of Arabs.
The precision of these crafty Jewish scientists! -- and the insecurity of certain people about their "soft internal tissues"! Seriously, it worries me that people like this vote, as well as bomb.