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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Lots of opera vocal scores on line

ETA: Some of them are actually full scores: FIDELIO, NORMA, ELISIR, LUCIA; Gluck's ALCESTE and his two IPHIGENIEs, Handel's ACIS & GALATEA, AGRIPPINA, and ALCINA; HANSEL UND GRETEL (don't scoff: when the Bayreuth stage crew needed a few extra bars to cover the Act I scene change at the premiere of PARSIFAL, they turned to Humperdinck rather than bothering the Meister); Massenet's DON QUICHOTTE, MANON, and WERTHER; COSI, ABDUCTION, IDOMENEO, FIGARO, and FLUTE; Purcell's DIDO, Rimsky-Korsakov's ZOLOTOI PETUSHOK (??); BARBER, ARIADNE, BALLO, DON CARLO, TRAVIATA, TROVATORE, LOHENGRIN, PARSIFAL, TRISTAN, and FREISCHUTZ.