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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Mass at Myeung Dong Cathedral was beautiful -- and packed. Mass at 10, 11, and noon, and the only way to get a seat at one is to attend the previous one! Separate post on all this later.

South Korea is ahead of us in technology -- you've heard about that, re bandwidth and such? Well it's certainly true re hotel room lighting. Your electronic key not only controls the door: it also controls the lights. You stick it in an electronic reader just inside, and having done that, you can then control all the lights in the room from a little button-console near your bed. It's also an easy way not to lose your card-key: it has to be in the light-connected card-reader, b/c if you take it out, all the lights go out.

Oh and those "Do not disturb" and "Make up room" signs that, with us, are still celluloid cards that you hang on the doorknob? Here: buttons inside the room, that activate signals on the outside.

I don't know which will seem more like retreating to the iron age: moving on to Mongolia tonight, or returning to the U.S. next weekend.

South Korea ROKs. Get it? ROKs? HEE HEE! HEH HEH! HOO HOO! Euugggghhhhh....

Ulaanbaatar ho.

EDITED TO ADD: I know this post is dated Saturday, but, trust me on this, it's tomorrow here.