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Monday, August 21, 2006
Tuesday update from Ulaanbaatar: In the afternoons I teach at the Rule of Law Institute of Mongolia (ROLIM) (same material as I cover in the morning at NUM). ROLIM has space in a very modern building across the street from the Ikh Khural. ROLIM is a Christian organization, and my students there are already lawyers. Plus, the translator there is rather more sophisticated, so the lecture-to-translation ratio there is close to 1-1, while at NUM it's about 1-3.

As I've mentioned, I teach at NUM in the morning and at ROLIM in the afternoon. Now, I know that people who like puns often read this blog, so I'll bet some of you already want to ask: How can you roll 'em in the afternoon if you're numb in the morning? Well, smarty-pants, NUM is pronounced "Noom," and ROLIM is pronounced "RawLEEEM." So there.