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Sunday, September 10, 2006
Anna got bad news today. Her father died of a heart attack. Now she like me is alone in the world. He left her nothing but a cabin and barn and fifty acres in the Blue Ridge not far from Lexington, Virginia. Well, that settles it. No Big Sur after all and perhaps it's just as well. In fact it is a kind of sign. It is Virginia where we're supposed to be. I see that clearly now.


Yes, don't you see? Virginia is where it will all begin. And it is where there are men who will do it. Just as it is Virginia where it all began in the beginning, or at least where the men were to conceive it, the great Revolution, fought it, won it, and saw it on its way. They began the Second Revolution and we lost it. Perhaps the Third Revolution will end differently.

-- Walker Percy, Lancelot