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Friday, October 06, 2006
Just found an interesting bio of Christopher Lee. For instance, I did not know -- did you? -- that he:

* is descended on his mother's side from a nearly 2000-year-old Italian noble family, and Charlemagne was like a second cousin or something (now that I think of it, I think I did meet his great great...great great grandmother at a party in Florence in 1152 or so....)?

* has a near-operatic voice, was encouraged in this by legendary tenor Jussi Bjoerling (who was extremely generous, and also, almost certainly sozzled at the time), and succeeded in an audition at the Swedish Opera, but lacked the money to train?

* once quaffed a few with Tolkien at the Bird & Baby, and was the only person involved with the LOTR movies who had met the author?

* was in the running to replace Harris as Dumbledore? Now, choosing Gambon over Lee was clearly the work of dark wizards, am I right? Am I right?