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Thursday, October 19, 2006
The Mets in NLCS Game 7

Well. After we split the first two games in New York, I said well: assuming pessimistically (as one does with the Mets) that we only take one of the three games in St. Louis, I still fancy our chances of winning the last two in New York, thereby winning the Championship and going on to the World Series. Nothing about the starting line-ups: just my sense of the Shea Stadium dynamic.

Well, we did win only one of three in St. Louis. Going into last night, the only appropriate attitude was:

Doomed! Doomed, I tell you!

Never an inappropriate pre-game show with the Mets. But, guess what -- we won last night.

Tonight the pitching matchup is more lopsided in St. Louis's favor; we've been fighting the whole postseason with neither Pedro nor El Duque. But in our last six games started by Oliver Perez, the kid who will start tonight against the fearsome Jeff Suppan, we're 4-2. Look, maybe a nice respectable first-place finish in the NL East is all we'll have to take home from 2006. But well: let's see if the Shea atmosphere, Jose Reyes with his upbeat Ricky-Ricardo-ing, and the Carloses witht their bats, can make it exciting.

ESPN: Mets heavily favored tonight by America, minus Missouri and a few surrounding marches.