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Monday, October 16, 2006
Thanks for all the comments on opera video vs. opera audio. Keep them coming: the issue is not closed. I do, however, discern a pattern: newbies tend to be pro-video, fans tend to be either pro-audio or to have ornery and inconsistent views. I.e., fans act like fans! But if the newbies prefer video, that's signficant.

Anyway, besides wanting those comments to pile up, another reason I haven't posted in a while is that most of us chez 'Guida, self included, have been sick as parrots. Greg has pneumonia; he's recovering at home on a course of antibiotics. Most of the rest of us have some kind of sub-pneumonial bronchitis. Besides cough, one of the symptoms is mental disorientation. Today I left my car on all day at school, and last week I drove a mile past an intended turn. Lord knows what I've been saying in class. I shouldn't be going in, but I cancelled class last Thursday and Friday, and there's only so far I can let things fall behind.

The galloping dumbs that I've been having are not attributable to the prescription cough syrup my doc gave me. It's good stuff -- extremely rich in controlled substances -- but I don't use it before driving or teaching.

And the Mets. Oi, the Mets...! Thank God for another rain delay tonight: gives me a break, and lets Glavine get a normal spell of rest between starts....

Btw, be sure some day to listen to BLUEBEARD'S CASTLE while on fancy cough syrup. The Fifth Door was never like this!