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Monday, November 20, 2006
Head Warns Turkey: No, not a Thanksgiving-themed horror story: the full hedder is "Orthodox Church Head Warns Turkey over Pope Visit." The Patriarch of Constantinope is asking "Turks" -- i.e. Muslims: Patriarch Bartholomew is a Turk himself, if you want to talk ethnic -- to behave during the Holy Father's visit. Another small step in Rome-Constantinople solidarity, and thanks are due largely to the Regensburg speech.

I've been writing so snarkily lately that perhaps I should aver separately (as I here do) that the above is absolutely "straight."

Now for some more snark: Let the record show that for Thanksgiving, the Pope is visiting Turkey. And is the President planning the annual "pardon" of a turkey? He should say outright that he'll wait until January when they actually begin to arrive.