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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Information paralysis. So here I sit, not unlike a moron, refreshing the CNN Senate race page every two minutes. And this is the guy who's now a scholar and has given up the life of the political junkie. (Or so it says on the labels someone sews into my underwear.)

Anyway. Annoying how CNN has called Maryland for Cardin, with 48% reporting, even though Steele is actually ahead at the moment, and has been for the last forty-five minutes. Yet they haven't called Missouri for Talent, even though he's maintaining a six-point lead over McCaskill with 46% reporting.

Oh and with 86% reporting and Corker leading Ford by three points in Tennessee, could we have a wee widdy call, please? Gaa. This is not a poll. Three percent is no longer within a "margin of error." It's win-ning.

Santorum and DeWine were carried out on stretchers round about eight o'clock. Santorum will be missed.

Allen is ahead -- by about 10,000 votes, of around 2.5 million cast; the percentage is 50-49.

Overall, it looks like the GOP loses four Senate seats, keeping the majority. The House -- kiss it g'bye for now. If they got Northrup, they'll get the rest that they need.

Anyway it's a good night 'cause the Marriage Amendment passed substantially in Virginia.