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Sunday, November 19, 2006
More from Foucault's Pendulum:

The first text was a kind of demoniacal litany, a parody of a Semitic language:
Kuabris Defrabax Rexulon Ukkazaal Ukzaab Urpaefel Taculbain Habrak Hacoruin Maquafel Tebrain Hmcatuain Rokasor Himesor Argaabil Kaquaan Docrabax Reisaz Reisabrax Decaiquan Oiquaquil Zaitabor Qaxaop Dugraq Xaeolobran Disaeda Magisuan Raitak Huidal Uscolda Arabaom Zipreus Mecrim Cosmae Duquifas Rocarbis
"Not exactly clear," Belbo remarked.

"Demoniacal litany" my ass -- that's my shopping list for Walgreen's!! Reminds me, I've got to refill Docrobax and Zaitabor....