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Saturday, May 26, 2007
Daily Telegraph: Revealed: Queen's dismay at Blair legacy
The queen has been left "exasperated and frustrated" at the legacy of Tony Blair's 10 years in power, friends have disclosed....

Royal sources said that the Queen also believes privately that Mr Blair and his Government have meddled unnecessarily in Britain's heritage, including the reform of the House of Lords.
The accompanying picture tells a thousand words about HM's view of the PM's efforts to draw her into grooviness at a "millennium" celebration.

As for the House of Lords, I don't know what's for the best -- but throwing out most of the hereditaries was just daft. Here's a thought: not all commoners can sit in the House of Commons just because they're commoners, right? They've got to choose one, on a district basis, right? Well maybe peers should have their own election: get Poppy, Tuppy, Chuffy and their friends together at each election and make them decide whose turn it is to go down to Westminster and do a spot of work. For districts, use country seats. Think about it.