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Saturday, May 12, 2007
From the Archbishop of Pamplona, political advice you don't see every day (any more):
In the third chapter of a document entitled 'The Church's current situation' presented in León on the 17th March, the archbishop expresses his support for "political parties that are faithful to the Church's social doctrine in its entirety, such as the Traditionalist Catholic Communion, Alternative Spain, the Catholic Legion of Political Action, and the JONS Spanish Falange. All of these parties are often overlooked, but have a testimonial value that might justify a vote. They have little chance of influencing political life, although they could form useful alliances if they receive the support of enough catholics."
Discussion here on a Spanish site called St. Thomas More Forum. Web sites for the parties he mentions? Found these:

* interview with the Gen.Sec. of Alternativa Española. Why was the party founded?
La decisión de fundar Alternativa Española (AES) la tomamos cuando gobernando el P[artido P[opolar], con mayoría absoluta, pudimos comprobar, con sorpresa y tristeza, que los abortos crecían vertiginosamente (80.000 en el año 2003), se aprobaba la píldora abortiba RU-486 y la del día después, la ley sobre la manipulación del embrión humano, el PP ya anunciaba su apoyo incondicional a las uniones homosexuales, alcaldes del PP, como el de Vitoria, abrían registros públicos de parejas homosexuales, en Comunidades gobernadas por el PP los homosexuales podían acoger a menores....
* Tercio Católico. Sound on the big issues, but has an integrist-clericalist edge. Caution urged.

* Falange Española de los JONS. I used to know what the JONS are; now all I remember is that it's an acronym left over from the more truly fascist side of Franco's coalition in the '30s-- as is this party, it would appear. It makes pro-life noises, but then detours almost immediately into the crime issue. Anti-monarchical, and favors "syndicalism" over capitalistic "represenation." Not recommended.

AES sounds like the best of them. Anyway, the Archbishop was suggesting protest votes, which would have the effect of signalling to the "mainstream" "conservative" party, the Partido Popular, that it has to bring in these discontented voters. Hey, it worked in France, where Sarkozy flattened the Front National by coopting some of its legitimate issues.