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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
It turns out Gustav Neidlinger, whose evil-dripping bass-baritone voice made him the greatest Alberich and Klingsor ever, was also great in the role of the kindly, self-effacing Hans Sachs. You can get that MEISTERSINGER at Berkshire Record Outlet for about $20. It's a Teatro de Colon (Bueonos Aires) performance from 1968, and Gus's co-stars are Sandor Konya, Claire Watson, and Franz Crass. Can't beat that with a stick, as a friend used to say.

No, I'm not the guy who knows the most in the whole world about opera -- but I know the guy who is, and he told me -- we're talking about Gus Neidlinger again -- that in his home house, which was Stuttgart, Gus did the whole range of heldenbariton roles. Neidlinger as Wotan? Apparently it happened. Recordings will surface one of these days. The Germans record everything, and have done since, oh, the early '40s.

(The discography at this site is incomplete: there exists a complete PARSIFAL with Neidlinger as Amfortas (to set alongside his numerous recorded Klingsors). It's from La Scala in, I think, 1966, under Cluytens. I know: I have it. Took me long enough.)