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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Since I'm preparing for a trip to England, and HM The Queen is here in the U.S., here's a round-up of recent HM The Queen jokes (all via Newsmax):

* Awkward moment when President Bush congratulated her on her Academy Award. (Letterman)

* She mentioned to the President that she had been on the throne for 55 years; he suggested Metamucil. (Leno)

* "Earlier this week, President Bush hosted a state dinner in Queen Elizabeth’s honor. The guests included Trent Lott, Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View, and the winning jockey from the Kentucky Derby. Which explains why the Queen was overheard saying, 'This party bites the big one.'" (Conan)

And click here for the Top Ten Signs Your Horse Won't Win the Kentucky Derby.