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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
I totally enjoyed Gene Weingarten's flattening of Lou Dobbs in last Sunday's Washington Post, and I don't even watch Lou Dobbs!
If a charge is incendiary enough, Lou doesn't demand all that much by way of verification. Not long ago, his show suggested that illegal immigrants had recently caused nearly an eight-fold increase in leprosy here. Leprosy! That'll get your attention!

Unfortunately, this proved to be somewhat false, but only in the limited sense that illegal immigrants haven't caused a big rise in leprosy in this country, inasmuch as the number of new cases has actually declined since 1988. Lou's source was a long-discredited report by a fulminating racist with no medical credentials. The woman, now deceased, also believed that most Latino male immigrants were child and/or nun molesters.
(I suppose National Review can always argue that the leprosy rate went down less than it would have had it not been for illegal immigrants....)