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Monday, July 23, 2007
Crisis to become website

Do you like the feel of magazines and journals? Do you sometimes read worthwhile things in them (especially the ones you've paid money for) that you would never had bothered with in a web-surfing session? Are "drop everything" headlines in a neat and accessible table of contents your guilty pleasure? Do you sigh for the glory days of "little magazines," when movements could get started by articles?

Well then you're pretty much frelled, because paper and print seem to be going the way of gas lighting. The latest casualty is Crisis, the magazine founded jointly by Ralph McInerny and Michael Novak in the early '80s as a lay reply to that era's constant stream, from the bishops' bureaucracies, of doctrinal barley-water and leftwing prophesizing. For a quarter century it has done a good job of combining Catholic orthodoxy with neo-conservative politics and cultural criticism.

Come September, Crisis will turn web-only. In strictly magazine terms, it is folding.

Editor Brian St.-Paul's announcement (couldn't find it online -- ironically) makes it sound like the new site will do more than the current combination of print and site. But even if that's true, it still won't arrive, all tactile and pictorial, in my mailbox. I guess being a blogger makes me a new-mediac, and I should be crowing. But I'm not.

P.S. Anything happen in the world in the last three days? Ah, I see you don't know either....