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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Just wondering... the American War of Independence would fit in with what passes for "Just War" standards in Catholic anti-war circles these days. Did the Brits fire the first shots at Lexington & Concord? If not -- war of choice! war of choice! aukkkk! aukkkkk! Even if they did, did we have to be so ideological and unilateralist about the independence thing? And what about likelihood of success? Virtually nil, from the point of view of 1775. Clearly an unjust war, blameable on those neoconservatives in the Continental Congress....

Happy Fourth, and a health to -- lets's see -- Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Pope Urban II (an underrated contributor to just war theory), Pope St. Pius V (patron saint of being fed up with what the monarch of England is up to)....