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Thursday, July 19, 2007
One more prediction -- and this is not from the spoilers that are rattling around. I'm avoiding those like the plague, and besides, I suspect that JKR and the publishers have done as I would have: upon determining that spoilers are out there, immediately seed the 'net with mulitple contrary "spoilers."

Anyway, here's my last (I think) prediction: Hagrid will die. That's not terribly controversial, but fwiw, I base it on the alchemical symmetry that John Granger writes about. If one takes as valid his description of the alchemical process as involving the "black work," the "white work," and the "red work," in that order, then look what we have: Sirius Black died in Book 5, Albus (= white) Dumbledore died in Book 6, so it makes sense that Rubeus (= ruby, ruddy, red) Hagrid would die in Book 7.

As to how these characters relate to those respective "works" of alchemy, or even what those "works" are, I must adopt (despite Mr. Granger's attempts to explain the latter) the catchword of the OotP movie: No idea.

Since I've already gone on record as expecting that Snape will die, there's the expected two deaths, right there. But no sooner do I type that than I remember how much exposure the Weasleys have: eleven of them, ten of them in the fight. (Elinor thinks Percy will come home; I don't, but I hope she's right. Remember when he was writing secretively in his room? Are we satisfied with the explanation that he was just writing to Penelope? Yeah, and Denethor was just paying bills.... Otoh, "the world is not divided into good people and Death Eaters," yes, yes, I know....)

Perhaps it's wise at this point to recall to what extent recklessness has been a mark of the Twins. Good hearts, of course, but lots of recklessness. (Anyone seen my Peruvian Darkness Powder?) They are at risk.