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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Regulus Black -- innocent singing sensation? This idea isn't mine -- I got from an otherwise-loopy book edited by John Granger -- but I like it.

Assume, as everyone does, that R.A.B. is Regulus Black. The mysteries about him are why he turned against the Dark Lord, who helped him steal the locket (Kreacher?), and how and when he died. Well, first, it seems his turn away from Voldemort was more than just getting "in over his head." Sirius, whose opinion this is, is not known for charity towards members of his own family. Many of them deserve no better, but Regulus may be different.

And when Regulus died -- what if he didn't? What if, in fact, he's been living as Stubby Boardman, who used to front The Hobgoblins?

This, of course, was The Quibbler's theory about Sirius Black (back in GoF, chapter entitled "Luna Lovegood"), but its sole source was an evidently dotty lady, one Doris Purkiss. We assumed, didn't we, that Doris was imagining her "romantic candle-lit dinner" with Stubby, and that the whole business was just a throwaway to establish the loopiness of Luna's dad and his magazine.

But what if Doris's only mistake was as to which Black brother she was dining with? She thought it was Stubby Boardman; she concluded it was actually Sirius when she saw his picture in the paper; but if the brothers look at all alike (and brothers usually do: my sons have all been mistaken for each other, even the ones that I wouldn't have said look alike), then maybe Doris's dinner-partner was Regulus!

Ah -- I see Mugglenet is already on this.....