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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Reliques: The French translation of Deathly Hallows is Reliques de la Mort. At this online French dictionary, we find these definitions:
A. − RELIG. Ce qui reste, après sa mort, du corps d'un saint ou d'un martyr; objets ayant été à son usage, instruments de son supplice, considérés comme des objets sacrés et auxquels on rend un culte. B. − 1. BIOL. Espèce presque éteinte, d'origine très ancienne et qui ne se rencontre que dans une aire limitée`

A. That which remains, after his death, of the body of a saint or of a martyr; objects having been in his use, instruments of his suffering, considered as objects that are sacred and to which one renders veneration. B. Species almost extinct, of very ancient origin and which is found only in a limited area.
Obviously only the English is canonical, but the French translators seem, without known objection from JK, to be interpreters as well. From the beginning, they have renamed Snape "Rogue."