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Thursday, July 12, 2007
This blog is going to get a bit Harry-Potter-heavy over the next nine days. (Click here for a Catholic Potterphile bloggeuse who is organizing a novena for Deathly Hallows. HT: Curt Jester.) However, Potter commentary will cease for at least two weeks after July 20, so, in case it matters to you, do not fear spoilers if you check in here during that time. Even after that two-week interval I'll post "spoilers ahead" notices. (Now there's a "DH rule" I can like!)

In about three hours I'm going to see the movie of Order of the Phoenix. (Bella and I are also going to see it on Sunday in Imax 3D.) (That's the Bella who is also Cacciadelia, not the Bella who, according to Helena Bonham-Carter, who says she was told it by Rowling, will be a major character in Deathly Hallows.)

For now, I'll just direct you to the Amazon cite for Nicholas Hooper's music for OotP, which provides the inquirer with several audio clips. Though at first listen it doesn't seem he's equalled either the swoon-tunes of John Williams in the first three movies, or the Holst and Elgar pastiches of Patrick Doyle in Goblet of Fire, nonetheless he's got spooky-fateful down pat; also, he's cooked up an Umbridge theme that's just perfect: a march that manages to be simultaneoulsy swaggering and prissy. Sort of a girly-poo version of the Star Wars Imperial March.