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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Craig then handed the officer a business card that identified him as a Senator. “What do you think about that?” Craig said.

...dissolve to scene from G&S's IOLANTHE, involving the Fairy Queen and the Lord Chancellor, with light edits to suit the case:

Oh constable unwary
It's highly necessary
Your tongue to teach
Respectful speech
Your attitude to vary

Your badinage so airy
Your manner arbitrary
Are out of place
When face to face
With an influential fairy!

We never knew
We were talking to
An influential fairy!)

OFFICER (aside):
A plague on this vagary!
I'm in a nice quandary!
Of hasty tone
With Idahoan
I ought to be more chary.

It seems that he's a fairy
From Bob Bauman's library
And I took him for
A propositor
In an airport lavatary.

We took him for
A propositor
In an airport lavatary.)