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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
I'm looking for a new research assistant. Here is the ad I have put about. Have I left anything out?

Are you:
*Faster than a negligently driven automobile?
*More powerful than a vested third-party beneficiary?
*Able to convey marketable title to Blackacre in a single bound?

*Can you do the Certiorarus Curse?

*Is an armed citizenry your idea of Equal Protection?

*Is your Substantive Process due?

*Do you expect the Spanish Inquisition?

*Would you rather bake for Lochner than brake for Blackmun?

*Do you defer to Chevron?

*Is there a “you” in “unitary executive”?

*Can you tell a Chief Justice from a Dread Pirate?

*When you say you like The Smiths, you mean Free Exercise, don’t you?

*Do you give O’Connor “no endorsement”?

*Can you cope with the “mystery of existence” without a right to kill your child?

*Do you know the right answer to “Footnote Four, or Footnote Six?”

*Do you know the right answer to “Steve, or Guido?”

*Did you put the “con” in Con Law?

*Do you Yazoo?