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Sunday, August 05, 2007
Trid Pro Mo: I hate linking to the New York Times, as readers know, but I must say: this guy stereotypes just like most writers who snipe at the old Mass -- but he stereotypes really really well:
Smart, devout, ambitious Catholics — ecclesial young Republicans, home-schoolers, seminarians and other shock troops of the faith — will have their Mass. The rest of us — a lumpy assortment of cafeteria Catholics, guilty parents, peace-’n’-justice lefties, stubborn Vatican II die-hards.
HT: Ross Douthat's blog at The Atlantic.

In related news:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Old-syle Mass appeals to many

And I've heard, but can't verify, that Fr. McAfee at St. John's, McLean, VA, where Laura Pennefather is DRE, will offer the T; also, the bulletin from St. Mary's, Old Town, Alexandria, features a defense of Ratzingerian liturgical theology, including Summum Pontificum, by Fr. DeCelles.