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Friday, September 14, 2007
Tea for two
And two for tea,
Tea, FU,
FU and tea...

UK Conservative blogger Iain Dale writes in The Daily Telegraph:
Conservatives should make no mistake. Brown is the most ruthless prime minister of this country since Francis Urquhart ["URK-ut"], Michael Dobbs's Machiavellian PM in House of Cards.
(Actually, FU was only PM at the very end of of H of C; not even, since the last scene showed him couldn't-possibly-commenting in the limo on his way to kiss the Queen's hand. If you want real knee-slapping hiss-boo FU PM action, you'll have to watch the second four-part installment in the Urquhart Circuit, To Play the King. But watch out: to watch a high-class, right-wing Prime Minister demolish some sentimental leftist twit of a King descended from German pig farmers is a sore trial of any man's monarchism.)

Returning however to the matter at hand: yesterday the PM has Lady Thatcher over to No. 10 for tea. It was a very gracious gesture. Conservatives are saying it was all political. Of course it was, scones-for-brains! The point is, there are political gestures that are gracious, and those that are not. This one very much was. I only wish Conservatives were half that respectful toward the woman who rescued their party from irrelevance and their nation from disaster.