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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Are they sure this wasn't a homework assignment?

Parent: "My mouth flew open when you told me just a few minutes ago." I'm sure it did, ma'am, but a few seconds invested in finding a different expression would not have been wasted.
To me there are a host of problems and I think it starts at home," Ray said....

"I think there should be more supervision. If that's the case and they have enough time to do such things, obviously there's not people there to supervise them," Crockett parent Gerry Banez said.
So some parents are programmed to blame parents, others are programmed to propose solutions that involve hiring more (public school) teachers.

"Campus and district counselors have talked with the students who were in the class and will be available in the future if those students need to talk." When -- between viewings of Superbad?
Still, some parents said it all boils down to a lack of respect. "No respect for authority, no respect for themselves, (and) not for the other kids in the classroom," Munson said.
You mean all that "you're special" stuff and the self-esteem curriculum didn't work? More likely it did, and that's the problem.... Any case, and joking aside, respect for sex is distinct from (though related to) "respect for authority," "respect for self" and even "respect for others." It's not a freebie automatically thrown in with them, even if public schools do manage to teach those nice things, which quite obviously they don't.