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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal!! Not only is this a conservative political victory of a sort that has been much too rare lately, but it also puts in scoring position someone who could plausibly fill the long-vacant -- and noticeably still-vacant -- role of "next Reagan."

This is also the first time in like a gajillion years that Louisiana has produced a majority, and therefore a victory, in its October all-party primary, eliminating the need for a run-off. (Mr. Jindal narrowly lost a run-off to Kathleen Blanco in 2003.)

More specifically, Jindal could be a unifying conservative leader for the 21st century: conservative, a Catholic convert yet able to beat back the Democrats' attempts to use this against him with Evangelical voters, an ethnic Indian yet able to overcome the Democrats' tawdry reminders of his ethnicity in areas not known for voting for dark(er)-skinned people, a Louisianan with a "good government" record (details in this pre-victory report in The Weekly Standard) -- the matchings of improbables go and on.

As will the partying of young conservatives tonight.