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Saturday, November 24, 2007
The current key question about Summorum Pontificum

There's this Motu Proprio, see? And it says that whereas before, bishops had been permitted to permit the Tridentine Mass, now it was no longer up to them, but would henceforth be the privilege of every priest.

In response (as Fr. Zuhlsdorf has exhaustively chronicled), quite a few bishops (not all or even most, but enough to constitute a problem) suddenly appointed themselves "chief liturgists" of their dioceses and started making elaborate announcements about how Summorum Pontificum would be "implemented" in their diocese, or, in extreme cases, whether it would be implemented at all.

But as Damien Thompson noted, it's harder these days for this sort of horsedookey to go unnoticed in Rome, so this week, the Vatican's Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith (watch him: he's a rising star) delivered an official statement that in effect, though not in terms, raises the question that many of us have for some time wanted to put to certain bishops:

What part of "Get stuffed" don't you understand?

Here is a report on Archb. Ranjith's remarks. Catholic World News points out: "[B]ecause the archbishop's immediate superior at the Congregation for Divine Worship, Cardinal Francis Arinze (bio - news), has been utterly silent about the motu proprio, it seems likely that the encouragement has come from Pope Benedict himself."